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A bigger aquarium... or the ocean?

A few weeks ago, I asked my goldfish what his ultimate dream was. Boy, was I in for a surprise! His eyes glowing with enthusiasm, he answered that he would absolutely love to explore ... the sea. Oh, he'd never set foot there—in fact, as you would expect, he doesn't even have a foot! But he just finished reading a book about the Great Barrier Reef, in Australia, and now he's obsessed with it. He went on and on about it and then, with a certain bitterness in his voice, he started moaning. He said the fake coral reef I had bought for his aquarium was tacky compared to the real ones he saw in the pictures. He complained also about the water purifier (so noisy it troubles his sleep, apparently). My little friend sure had a heavy heart! I never imagined his little body could hold so much frustration ...

Overflowing with compassion, I decided to make him an offer. “Bubble,” I told him tenderly, “I believe your dream can come true, and I want to help. Here's what we'll do. I'll take you to the Great Barrier Reef, where the corals are known to be the prettiest, and once we find a really nice spot, I'll let you go free. The ocean will be your new home.” Enthusiastic, proud of myself (and a little sad because, after all, I would miss him), I waited for his reaction.


Deep silence.

After five very long seconds, believe it or not, he started swimming vigorously towards the fake coral reef he just denigrated, and he hid behind it! I could hear him spout his worries, panicked. Many words were inaudible, but here's what I caught, “What if the ocean evaporates? Do they have a water purifier in the Great Barrier Reef? If the water becomes stagnant and toxic, I'll die! Where will I sleep? Who will feed me?” I'll spare you his monologue about sharks; I think you get the idea.

Terribly human
Besides the fact that he can speak, read and think, I wouldn't say my fish is exceptional. He's only terribly human. Don't we feel stuck in our aquariums as well, sometimes? And aren't we tired of swimming in small circles, after a while? Just like Bubble, our heads are crammed with ideas and projects, and our hearts are full of hope. And just like him, surprisingly, we often opt for the comfort of our old limitations, rather than for the opportunity to craft the life of our dreams.

Let's face it: nobody wants to feel frustrated or unfulfilled. We ALL aspire to dive into a turquoise ocean, to play with dolphins, to discover buried treasures and to be surrounded by the most spectacular corals. This desire, this need, is written somewhere in our heart, in our DNA. So if we refuse to get out of our aquariums, it's not because we are masochists or because stagnant water has leaked in between our ears; it's because it represents, to us, the lesser pain. Our dreams are fantastic—at least, the brochure is impressive! But they are in UNKNOWN territories. Who knows what we'll find there. Sharks? Giant squids? Hmmmm ... we'd rather keep our daily annoyances; they are safe, familiar and highly predictable. And it's terribly human to lean towards what is familiar.

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